Invitation to Participate in Tech Planer in Indonesia 2019

Invitation to Participate in Tech Planer in Indonesia 2019

From : Leave a Nest

11 December 2018

 Invitation to Participate in Tech Planer in Indonesia 2019

Leave a Nest began as a science program called venture company 16 years ago and is based in Tokyo, Japan. They work on extensive education programs to nurture the next generation's interest and passion toward science and technology.

In 2014, we started a seed acceleration program called TECH PLANTER to support the early seed stage teams in hardware, biotech, and agricultural technology. Through this program. we provide acceleration support from mentoring to business planning and fundraising. We believe that the combination of academic scientific researchers, business planning and ideas, and corporates, makes for a very unique environment where academics are exploring the business ideas of tomorrow and not just the back-end technology. The program also provides applicants a platform to pitch their business ideas directly to large businesses and corporates.

 TECH PLANTER program is being conducted in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, US, UK and Indonesia and now has over 1000 participating teams in the global community. For Indonesia, we started inaugural TECH PLANTER program in 2018 and would like to continue the program for 2019 to supports Indonesian teams to accelerate their businesses and expand beyond the country.

Therefore, Leave a Nest would like to invite researchers and startups in your institution to apply for TECH PLANTER in Indonesia 2019. The details poster of the program is attached in the next below.

Your consideration and support to the program will be much appreciated.

( Abdul Hakim Sahidi, Director of Leave a Nest Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. - )



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